AB Youth Internships

LCN is pleased to administer Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Youth Internship Program for 2016-2017. Please review the application forms and requirements below. For specific program details please contact LCN
Please take a moment to read the Announcement of the program, and learn how this program can be effective for youths and your business. Click to view the Program Announcement (Press Release)


Youth internships (YI) are available to businesses and organizations. Through LCN, they are funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Youth Employment Strategy. The internships are intended to provide employment opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30 who show an interest in informatiom communicatio and technology.

Youth internships at host organizations help Canada create jobs and other social, educational and economic benefits associated with the expanded use of information and communications technology (ICT). The Youth Internship (YI) Program is integral to the Youth Employment Strategy, with ICT-related not-for-profit organizations providing job opportunities for over 1,000 young Canadians each year.

The YI Program is intended to provide Canadian youth with work experience and ICT skills to make them more productive and competitive in the knowledge economy and to encourage not-for-profit groups across Canada to develop and use ICT in their organizations. The objectives of youth internships are

  • to assist more young people in gaining the skills and experience needed to successfully transition into, and remain in, the labour force; and
  • to encourage businesses and not-for-profit organizations across Canada to develop and apply ICT-related skills, knowledge and opportunities by helping them to create internship opportunities.
LCN is here to facilitate project milestones (ideas) and to assist in partnering businesses and organizations with Youth talent. LCN will also assist in project deliverables being developed and ramining on schedule.

Youth interns are employed to work at host organizations across Canada, helping individuals, community organizations and small businesses to improve their knowledge and effective use of the Internet and related information technologies.
Eligible actives by Youth Interns meeting the eligibility requirements can include, but are not limited to:

  • Software and video game development
  • Coding and app development
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Adaptive technologies
  • Website development
  • Web-enabled learning; and
  • Social media campaigns and other content development
  • Digital skills
  • Delivering Internet training sessions
  • Researching and developing web sites
  • Drafting publicity materials
  • Organizing information fairs and special events
  • Providing technical support


All applicants are required to complete the following forms, prior to acceptance/funding. Upon successful receipt of your eligibility and application, LCN will provide you with an executed contract for this program. Until the contract has been received by LCN, you will not be considered as participating in the program.

Please download (MS Word Documents) and complete the necessary forms. Scan, email, fax or mail the completed application forms to LCN ATTN: ABYI 2016-2017 at the address below. For details, or if your organization has not participated in the program before please contact us to ensure you can qualify as an IHO. A facsimile or scanned copy via email is acceptable provided original documents follow within 10 business days. Please ensure documents are signed in "Blue" ink.

Contact AB Youth Internship / LCN